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GoTo Logistics: Navigating the frontiers of Indonesia's e-commerce logistics

Learn how Parcel Perform helped GoTo Logistics navigate a complex e-commerce logistics setup and connect customers with billions of products

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Unraveling the tangle of a complex supply chain with full visibility

GoTo Logistics (GTL) connects millions of Tokopedia users with billions of products. They also work with several 3rd party logistics providers to fulfill orders, making it challenging to track individual orders. 

However, with a data-first delivery experience provided by Parcel Perform, GTL was able to ensure a seamless delivery experience for each of Tokopedia's 150 million customers across Indonesia's 18,000 islands. 

In this success story, learn how Parcel Perform helped GTL:

Carrier partners integrates globally

Enable 100% visibility into a large and extremely complex logistics setup


Drive its logistics transformation that led to high efficiency and cost savings

Reduce WISMO with AI-driven estimated delivery dates

Empower logistics teams to monitor, and manage 3PL  delivery performance

Returns benefit -3

Define the delivery experience for Tokopedia's sellers and customers. 

Hear from our customer:

“GTL chose Parcel Perform because of the real-time data that Parcel Perform provides as well as the fast 3PL logistics integration. As a result, manual and time consuming processes such as compiling 3PL data can be eliminated and the operational teams can focus more on day-to-day jobs and process improvements.

Monitoring logistic partners’ performance has become easier, which helps us to focus on daily operation jobs. Real-time data has helped us to deal with operational issues quickly while at the same time improving campaign performance and increasing operational efficiency. We saw a 20% increase in team efficiency as more time is spent on operations excellence instead of tracking parcels manually.”

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Daniel Kalip
Chief of Delivery, GoTo Logistics

Equip your customer service teams with shipment data visibility.

Learn how Parcel Perform's data-first delivery experience platform can help your business reduce WISMO and increase customer satisfaction.